investing offshore  10% pa income secured on Property

Fund lends at premium rates to experienced developers secured by a legal charge on each property at the UK Land Registry. Investors receive 5% income every 6 mths. Limited time offer pays 0.5% cashback from us at 3 yrs* 2 yr lock-in. Min. 50K. 

offshore funds  Leisure Property Fund

Listed on the CISX this offshore fund directly invests in the UK Holiday and Leisure Park market showing 5 yr annualised return of 13.3% to 31/12/13 . Option for 5% income.

offshore funds  Emerging Markets

For the higher risk portion of your portfolio have you considered Iraq or even Mongolia? With overvalued US & UK markets these are real Emerging Markets which are starting to move & present a strong case for investment.  Contact us.

trend funds, offshore investments, offshore funds  Trend Fund

This Trend Fund (Futures Fund or CTA) is a highly diversified offshore fund that trades automatically on recognition of a potentially profitable pattern, delivering strong returns over a 3-5 year period. Read why Trend Funds are often regarded as the holy grail of investing.  Min. $100K.

How to Invest Offshore

Review our pick of some of the best offshore investments then simply complete our enquiry form for further information. We will answer your questions & help you decide the best investment route from the following options:

Direct - Request an application form & submit direct to the fund administrator.

To trade a wider range of funds including Alternative Investments/Hedge Funds choose the Offshore Portfolio Bond

* cashback is paid on all money still invested at 3yr anniversary.

Secure Income Funds™ recommends the following offshore funds for low/medium risk, secure income:


High Income Fund

Lends money at an interest rate of 1-1.5% per month for normally 3-18 months to experienced property developers secured by a 1st or 2nd legal charge at the UK land registry.  Pays 10% pa income bi-annually and for a limited time only there is 0.5% cashback bonus paid by us at 3yrs.*



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Why Invest Offshore?

Our service is primarily aimed at UK expats who are legally allowed to invest offshore. For example, many expats working in the Middle or Far East will benefit from taxfree salaries and it is prudent for them to invest in a stable, offshore jurisdiction. 

Offshore Portfolio Bonds

Investing in offshore funds through an  Offshore Portfolio Bond simplifies your dealing and management, increases your control plus offers tax breaks to UK expats, UK Non-doms & for UK IHT.

Who is Squirrel?

Squirrel launched online in 2000 to bring market leading discounts and quality offshore investments to UK Expats. Over the years we have developed a loyal global client base and we are particularly proud to see their capital grow in often difficult markets.

Terms & Conditions

This website states expert opinion on offshore investments. It is not personal advice as we are not aware of your individual requirements. This website is not directed at UK, US or Hong Kong residents. It is for UK expatriates & other international  investors who may legally invest offshore and have a good understanding of the risks of investing into Hedge Funds.